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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Powerful Way to Remove Scars!(Skin Scars)

Skin Scars
Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It is the most physical visible thing that we see on a person. If we have scars on our skin, it will be one of the noticeable things that people will see. The appearance of scars on a person can be very unattractive and can even lower self-esteem. Hence, if we can remove or hide the scar, we can appear to look more attractive or have more self-esteem.
The use of Scarguard is one of the best ways to remove or hide scars that will help you to look more attractive!
Scarguard is one of the many treatments used to remove or minimize scars we had from accidents and/ or surgical procedures. It is topically applied and does not need a medical prescription from your doctor.
Scars are formed due to the over production of collagen during the process of healing of wounds. The excess collagens are melted away by a collagenase. Collagenase is produced by the body solely for this purpose. But still, it is not enough, therefore a scar is formed.
Scarguard is composed of 5 elements. These 5 elements are proven to reduce, if not prevent scar formation during wound healing process. These five elements are:
o Corticosteroids- Corticosteriods prevents formation of collagen and at the same time increase its degradation. It also triggers the production of collagenase and reduces swelling, itching, and irritation which are related to scarring.
o Vitamin E- This vitamin reduces the inflammatory response in the wound. It is also an antioxidant and it prevents collagen synthesis. It decreases fibroblast (cells that makes collagen) proliferation and it acts with silicone to maximize its effect.
o Silicon gel- This element provides obstruction and hydration to the wound surface. It also provides a negative ion charge that prevents collagen formation.
o Occlusion- Occlusion may lessen the formation of collagen, formation of capillaries, and activity of mitogens. It also helps the wound reach its optimal healing by hydrating it.
o Pressure- Pressure is needed to increase the surface tension which is needed to promote production of collagenase.
Scarguard is very easy to use. You just apply it in the area where there is a scar or wound. It dries off quickly and is not easily washed away by water. It is also almost negligible. A make-up can also be applied over it if necessary.
Scarguard is not just for scars too. It can also be a help to remove other skin discoloration and also protects us from ultraviolet rays.

Skin Scars


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Skin Scars: A Powerful Way to Remove Scars!(Skin Scars)