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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Scar Tissue Removal - A Treatment to Skin Damage(Skin Scars)

Skin Scars
Scar tissue removal is a therapy to remove those undesirable scars from our skin. Scar tissue is a type of regenerated tissue to replace the normal pores and skin tissue resulting from damage, pimples or surgery. It is a result of natural therapeutic process.
Scars can be classified as follows:
  1. Atrophic scar - Often formed after pimples, chickenpox or accidents. A pitted look and a sunken recess in the skin.
  2. Hypertrophic scar - Keloid scars as an example. A pink raised lump on the pores and skin caused by collagen being overproduced by our body.
  3. Stretch marks - Due to being pregnant, irregular weight gain or weight loss, the skin is stretched and loosens rapidly, this can also be considered as one type of scar.
Skin damage therapies may cost a lot of money, it may be very expensive to undergo costly therapy like laser or surgery.
It's also time consuming, you'll want to apply the treatment or medication regularly, repeatedly and on a scheduled basis just to let it heal, the therapeutic course can be slow where it could possibly take weeks and even months.
One other factor to take into consideration when in search of scar tissue removing is safety. It is fairly dangerous to certain folks as a consequence of unknown side impact, largely from remedy resembling cream or lotion. Subsequently you must do your analysis correctly before taking on any remedy, medication or cream that you'll be using.
There are numerous ways to scar tissue removal that we can consider: Self heal, laser surgery, needling, surgical procedure, steroids application, silicone sheeting, chemical peels, collagen injections and dwelling treatments, just to name a few.
On the other hand, there are also quite a number of do-it-yourself products which might be well-liked and effective, which is inexpensive in making them ourselves. Usually they can be made from mixing a mixture of pure herbs or fruit juice. A homemade product that's cheap, effective and eco-friendly.
For individuals who undergo from scarring, a successful scar tissue removal will help them regain self esteem. It could considerably improve their social life where they can face and work together with people with confident.

Skin Scars